Trilogy of Entrepreneurs, Part 1: From Engineer to President / 起業家トリロジー第1:エンジニアから社長へ

We put the spotlight on three entrepreneurs at this year’s Bootcamp and we go one-on-one with each to get their story, how they started, what they’ve had to overcome, the lessons they learnt, the mistakes they made, and what lies ahead for each of them.

First up, one of the co-founders of a Chinese unicorn in vacation rentals – we catch up with Hai Zhuang to find out his story as well as his observations on the startup landscape in China. Formerly a software development engineer with Microsoft, he left to join the founding team as engineering director. Today he’s president of Tujia Holdings, which is taking strategic investments in other businesses.


最初は、ユニークで珍しい中国系バケーション・レンタル共同創立者。Hai Zhuangからの中国におけるスタートアップ概観上の観察と彼のストーリーを聞きます。前職はマイクロソフトのソフト開発エンジニアで、彼はTujia.comへエンジニアリング課長に転職しました。今現在、彼は他社に戦略的な投資をしているTujiaホールディングスの社長です。

Hai Zhuang, President, Tujia Holdings & Co-founder, Tujia
Interviewer: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder, WIT