How To Achieve Chowa in Tourism / ツーリズムにおける「調和」を達成する方法

There’s an increasing backlash against tourism in key destinations around the world as the sharing economy blurs the lines between hotel and home and tour guides and hosts. In Barcelona, the government has called for a limit to tourism. In Amsterdam local residents are upset over the hollowing out of their city to tourists and to private accommodation. How can Japan, so steeped in tradition, strike a balance between tech and tradition and achieve Chowa (harmony) in tourism?


Ashley Harvey, Associate Officer, CJTPA (Central Japan DMO)
Teddy Lee, CEO, Rose Hotel Yokohama & the Chungking Szechwan Chinese Restaurant brand
Aya Aso, Founder & ex-CEO, AGORA Hospitalities Co. Ltd.
Hidemi Hasegawa, Kaikake Onsen

Moderator: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder, WIT