Customer Acquisition / ユーザー獲得

Raising funds is just one part of being a start-up. First, you’ve got to find the customers and keep them. In this session, we offer up several ideas.

A: How to generate meaningful traffic from Facebook without losing money

Takaya Shinozuka, CEO & Founder, Loco Partners (Relux) [View Presentation here]

B: How to fully leverage the latest online advertising technology

Yuhi Fujimaki, Vice Manager, Media Marketing Group, Travel Business, Rakuten Inc

C: How to diversify your user acquisition channel by distributing content through mobile

Kenichi Shibata, COO, Venture Republic [View Presentation here]

D: DSP’s, programmatic and retargeting: How the latest technology can be used to engage customers

Yuko Saito, Managing Director, South East Asia, Criteo [View Presentation here]